Hardwood Floor Cleaning

hardwood floor cleainingDespite the beauty and reliability of hardwood floors, they are prone to collecting unhealthy dust and sometimes suffer unsightly stains. Over time, even well-tended hardwood will become dingy and grimy because of daily wear and tear. Contaminants such as dust, dirt, dander, and even mold spores build up on the surface and between the cracks of your hardwood floors, ruining their natural sheen and fostering the growth of harmful bacteria.

Our high-tech cleaning process will remove all the built-up dirt in and under your hardwood, leaving your hardwood floors glistening with their best shine. If pet stains, water marks or collected dirt are soiling your hardwood, call the highly-trained technicians at Great Lakes Services. We will work efficiently to thoroughly cleanse your hardwood floors, and bring back their original beauty.